JG Photography: The Philosophy

The philosophy that I have always placed behind my photography is to step away from traditional portraits that are no fun and show no life or personality in them. Instead, I strive to capture each individual person in each picture, and to do so in a fun and relaxed way.

I also view these images as more than simple portraits. To me, each one is a piece of art. Not every picture will have you looking at the camera, and not every picture will necessarily be a smiling picture – although there will be lots of those too! These pictures are of your true self, so that years down the road you can still relate to the person captured in these images.

My goal is to truly and authentically capture each of the special moments during our time together, and the powerful emotions that they convey! For, what is it worth if you have the very best photographer in Saskatoon, or even the world, but you cannot connect or relate to the pictures that are created on personal basis? It isn’t about top-rated photographers or the name behind the camera. Rather it is all about you: your life and personality that surrounds you and that together we work to record into a photograph!  That will ultimately result in the very best pictures because they are pictures of you!