Saskatoon Engagement Photographer

Portrait Photography

Clothing: In General

Probably the question most asked and most difficult to answer in photography is “what should I wear”.  In short, the answer is “whatever you like”.   I want to capture who you truly are, and a lot of that is expressed in your clothing choices.  It will also show in the pictures whether you like what you are wearing or not.  I wouldn’t necessarily advocate sweatpants, but then again how often does your entire family go walking downtown all dressed in white shirts and blue jeans?  You are too unique to completely match – maybe coordinate so you’re not wildly out of place, but be unique!  However, just try to avoid large logos or really busy patterns.

Personally I love trendy and eclectic, so that would be my preference and it is suited well to my style of photography.  Layers are also fun.  And should you want to wear a jacket, it is best if it is more of a fashionable jacket as opposed to a winter parka (we’ll make extra stops to warm up if we need!).  And feel free to bring along a change of clothes – we’ll have time and it might add just that little extra bit to our already awesome pictures!

Newborn Photography

Its really cute to do newborn sessions Al Naturale, or as close to as the little one will let us.  However, this does mean that particular room in your home should be fairly warm.  “Baby cocoons” and blankets are always great for warming up the little one while looking great in pictures!  Blankets and baskets too!

Kids Sessions

This can vary significantly.  If your child is a “Mexx Kid” then he or she would look great in some trendy, semi-dressy clothes.  But the key here is trendy: if we’re going with a vest, I’d say blue jeans and a mohawk to compliment it.  Also make sure its something they can still have fun in they are kids after all.  Saskatoon Kids Photographer- But if your child can’t stand dressing up, then don’t make them because they won’t be happy and authentic in the pictures. Oh and  kids tend to look great in knitted things!

Teens and Grad Sessions

You guys know you’re unique so show it off, and look good doing it at the same time! It is really important that you enjoy what you are wearing and that it makes you feel like “you”. Or bring a skateboard along, and a guitar: make it so that what you look back at those pictures you don’t see a fake posed smile but rather a glimpse into you life. Bring a change of clothes too – especially for grad sessions!

Family Photography

Please don’t all be wearing white shirts and blue jeans – I know that you all are way too unique to be wearing that – your clothing is an extention of who you are so show it!  Its good to coordinate so things aren’t wildly misplaced, but easy on the matching, haha.  Everyone wear an outfit that you personally love!

Couples and Engagement Sessions

This depends a lot on the type of mood and feeling you want with the pictures and will play into our location selection.  But generally anything trendy-casual tends to look great!  Feel free to bring a change of clothes (often times couples will start out with something a little more sassy and formal and then dress down to something more casual and fun).