Saskatoon Photographer

Portrait Photography

The Process

After our session is done, you can expect to have your proofs presented in an password protected online gallery in 1-2 weeks, containing between 30-80 proofs from our session. The gallery will be available for 10 days, available to anyone who has internet access and to whom you share your password with. Extentions are available by request.  The images in the gallery are edited almost in the form that you will receive them. The exception is blemish removal, which is only done on the images that you order.

Print Sizing

Prints take up to 3 weeks and albums up to 5 weeks (all are handmade), so please keep this in mind when ordering. When choosing what size to get for your images, it is very important to select the right size. NEVER go too small, as it makes the images look cheap and out of place. But don’t go too big because it can make things look distracting and crowded. What I recommend doing is taking some old flyers, taping them together and cutting them out in the specific sizes you are considering for your images, and place them on the wall to see how that particular size interacts with the room. It will definitely make your selection process much easier.

A Word on Framing

I offer a wide variety of mounting options for 3 main reasons: One is that I simply prefer the modern and clean look of images displayed frameless. Secondly, cheap frames often do not leave matte room between the print and the glass and by pressing the print right up against the glass of the frame the life of your print is drastically reduced. This can be remedied by having the print custom framed, but my third reason for my fantastic mounting options is that often a custom frame costs more than the print!