Saskatoon PhotographerSaskatoon Portrait Photography

General Information

Each exciting portrait session normally lasts from 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on how everyone is doing. Plan to have the longest possible time set aside so that if things are working well we can just keep on going! Its important that we see our session together not just a trip to the photographer, but rather a fun day out with a person who is helping document that fun.

Think outside of the realm of typical family portraits and pictures when we’re planning. Every child loves those gigantic loli-pops, and they look great in pictures. Or maybe sharing some icecream in the middle of our session. Consider bringing some fun props (or even some furniture – I have a truck – but be careful not to get cliche or tacky … we can discuss this) out on location. Or even at the end of things going back and letting the kids play with some water in the backyard. Remember that we’re looking to capture some truly amazing moments – the art of your life.

That said, its important that everyone is prepared for our fun day together.

New Born Photography

Newborn (7-9 days-old is best) sessions can take a while because it works around the baby and his or her schedule. The little one should be fed and changed just before our session, with back up supplies just in case, and the room we use should be warm.

Children’s Photography

For sessions with kids, introduce them to my name and my picture on my website and get them familiar with the idea of having fun with this session. If someone is sick or having a lowsy day, it might be worth considering rescheduling our session for a better time.