Saskatoon Photographer

The Artist: A Saskatoon Photographer

Justin Gryba

Yup, that’s me.  Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I’m a fun-lovin’ guy that just enjoys life!  My hope is that with my easy going personality we will get to learn a little bit about each other and relate on the level of friends.  That way you are comfortable and open, and that each image I take is filled with your true, unique personality.

One of my good friends once described me as a “lifeographer” instead of a photographer, and I believe that is what I truly am.  I’m not out there to simply take pictures, but to freeze time for a moment so you can look back and feel the life surrounding you. I am mainly a Saskatoon photographer, but very often travel throughout Saskatchewan and Canada for photography and am also available for international sessions and destination wedding photography!

The power of Photography

Photography has always struck me in the way it allows you to take the tiniest moment in time and capture not only its visual beauty but also the feelings and emotions that surround that moment.  We all have those events in our lives that we wish we could just freeze and live in them forever and, in discovering photography for myself, I began seeking for ways to use photography to capture those moments and allow both myself and others to hold onto and cherish them for a lifetime.

From a business point of view, as my love of the artistic storytelling powers of photography grew things eventually just fell into place.  It was a natural progression that eventually led me to the point where I could completely and without reservation throw myself into the world of photography, allowing me to share the wonderful abilities of photography with many others.