Saskatoon Photography: The Locations

Thinking Outside the Box

Because this art that we are creating together represents who you are, it is important that the locations in which we take these images have a personal significance and make you comfortable. It is for this reason that I do only on-location work. It also means that we utilize locations that are just as special and unique as you are – no cookie cutter traditional stuff here!

What I typically like to do with kids and families is to start out at your home so that we can all get acquainted in a familiar setting, and the home provides an extremely personal setting for pictures. We can then head off to a few more locations of your choice. For couples and seniors its not necessary to start at the home, but we can discuss what will work out the best for each personal situation.  There really isn’t any limit to the locations we go to during our session, so lets get creative.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or Beyond

If the river is important to you because its representative of Saskatoon, that’s great, but we’ll put a bit of a twist on the traditional river pictures. Or if a park or field or even somewhere out of town will allow you and your kids to be free and natural, that is also perfect. Or a trip out to the cabin or the family farm are perfect ideas too (traveling to special places for your pictures is one of my favorite things)!  Or how about heading downtown for a more urban look?  We’ll talk to make sure we select the perfect locations for just the look, feel and personality you are looking for.  But just remember, we’re thinking outside of the box for this because you deserve it!