Saskatoon Wedding Photographer

Saskatoon Wedding Photography


Of all the defining moments in one’s life, few may be said as greater than your wedding day: the beginning of an entirely new walk of life devoted to an amazing love and a sharing of life! As a wedding photographer, I am immersed in the beauty of capturing the amazing emotion, life and love flowing throughout your day. It isn’t simply proving that your day happened with a few snapshots. Rather, it is the uncontrollable surge of emotion flowing between your friends and family on your wedding day that is so special and is so important to photograph.

Together, what we work towards capturing is your story.  It is the story of your beautiful wedding day, the story of how the different journeys the you have been on throughout your life have brought you to this point, the story of the beginning of a new journey between the two of you.   It is the sacred and intimate connections that occur throughout your day: a moment lost in thought, a quiet tear, a little one’s unscheduled nap, and that look in the eyes of one who knows that they have finally found the love of their life. However, it isn’t just a story about this single event, but everything that led up to this point and everything that will is yet to come.  It is the story of your lives.

I am so honored in how with each wedding I am welcomed into the lives of these families on their beautiful day.  The power in each of the images is amazing and being able to share the amazing power of photography with a couple is rewarding beyond words.  To be present in the midst of so much love and to witness this wonderful beginning is an blessing, and I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do!