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My Commitment to Quality

From the very onset of my business I have strove to put at the forefront of my attention the quality and reliability of the images I provide my clients, and in no area is this more important than during a wedding. Therefore I have been in a constant state of refining current offerings while experimenting with new possibilities, always staying ontop of the newest developments. Your wedding Photography is amazingly important, so here are a few points that should help guide you in your decisions:

~ Not only do you receive all the digital negatives of your pictures, but I spend between 10-20 minutes per picture making sure each image is edited to its potential, totaling around 100 hours worth of editing per wedding.  Because of this I have decided to significantly limit the weddings I take on per year: quality over quantity.

~ I always shoot with at least one assistant with me (that way I am never the one running around trying to find batteries, etc), and always have at least two pairs (sometimes three) of equipment with me: if one camera fails or a lens gets smashed we can continue shooting as if nothing happened.

~ There is no question about it: I am a tech-junky!  Thanks to a few connections, this means that I am often amongst the 1st photographers in Canada to try/test/purchase new cutting-edge gear.  Cameras, Lenses, Flashes, Software, Computers, Monitors and More!  I also have my prints done through the top pro-only print lab in Canada and have my albums sourced from top manufacturers in Australia and Italy.