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I have taken on my full capacity of weddings for 2012 and 2013 and will not be accepting any more over that time frame at the moment.

JG Photography – Saskatchewan Saskatoon Photographer

Specializing in:

Saskatoon and International Destination Wedding Photography

Saskatoon Family Children’s and Graduation Photography

Family Portrait Photography in Saskatoon


One of a few top Saskatoon photographers, JG Photography is a Saskatoon based photography company that specializes in capturing moments in their true, unique and authentic form. In each photograph there is a special life that speaks out to the viewer about the people within in, and it is that life that creates images that create a deep and emotional attachment to the viewer. That photograph represents not only a physical person, but their personality and the interpersonal connections present in the infinitely small moment that has been captured and preserved forever. This is the power of photography. It is why I became a saskatoon photographer, and it is why I wish ever so dearly to be welcomed into your lives for a small amount of time in order to share this amazing power with you.

Life is a celebration of the moments surrounding us, and my goal is to be there to capture each one of those moments as they unfold. But to do these moments justice, these images are not preserved as mere snapshots to simply prove that something happened. Rather, each image is produced as a work of art that shows the true beauty that was experienced during the real moment. Relive and cherish those moments forever through photography!


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One of a few top Saskatoon photographers, I am local wedding photographer and an international Destination Wedding Photographer, a untraditional and modern Children’s Photographer who also specializes in Newborn and Maternity Portrait Photography and also Graduation and Seniors Photography and Portraiture in Saskatoon. I am also a Saskatoon Sports Photographer who specializes in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, slowpitch, soccer and sports photography.  My goal is to give you the best photography printed on the best materials, all available to you in Saskatoon Saskatchewan!